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"If I know somebody is standing there,
expecting me to be there, I'll go, but if it's
a club thing and I pay an annual fee, I'll go for
a month and then I'll find every reason in
the book not to go." - Carol L, Waterloo

feature news

Fitness Vacations
Rex Magazine, Jan 25, 2008
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The Buddy System
Rex Magazine, Sept 25, 2006
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archived news

Canadian Olympic trial qualifier
Guelph Mercury, 2004
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Javelin winner, southwestern Ontario all-comers meet
Guelph Mercury, 2004
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8th in Canada, nationals qualifier, javelin, 2003 Olympic trials
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9th in Canada, javelin, 2000 Olympic trials
Oral Roberts University Oracle, 2000
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Canadian Junior Olympic Team silver medallist, javelin
The Review (Waterloo), 1998
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